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Haile Recommended

We just landed back from LA, updates on Art in the Dancehall soon. That 12 hour flight is no joke, made more lively by a bunch of new mixes from various dancehall friends. Before we let loose our latest in-house mix,  these come haile recommended this week:

1) World Carnival from HDD
This series is always a pleasure to listen to, a round-the-world ticket to what knocks right now. HDD is back tomorrow night in Dalston, don’t miss it.

2) Electric Punanny Vol 3
Stateside, EP always build a vibe – check their latest offering, these don’t drop too often.

3) Chronixx live on Radio Lily
Young Chronixx is the man of the moment, and he just landed in the USA for the first time & had to link with Max Glazer at Radio Lily. Listen to the interview where he talks some interesting stuff about his attitude towards dancehall, reggae and the international market.

4) Murlo Know We Minimix
Murlo just keeps em coming steady – quality & quantity. This is the follow-up to his DIS Magazine mix, mostly instrumental and of course a couple of exclusives. Shout out Murlo repping the Don Dada tee on his cover art!

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